Saturday, February 28, 2009

My Cute Kids!

I can't believe how few posts I have about my kids! Why is that??!! My life definitely revolves around them. I guess it's just nice to get away from them sometimes, even if it's just in the privacy of my own blog. That being said, it's high time for me to tell you more about them! A few posts ago I promised to repent and start taking more pictures of my kids. I really have been doing better at it. Here are some pictures I took of the kids this last week, along with some info about them. I'm also going to have them tell a little bit about themselves.

Here is my oldest, 10-year-old Makenna. Isn't she cute?!! She was our only BYU baby. She just got her braces on a couple of weeks ago. She is a very sweet, responsible girl. At school and church she is very shy and quiet. Sometimes I wish she was more like that at home! She talks and laughs non stop at home and we are constantly having to tell her to quiet down.

Makenna loves to draw, watch Smallville, and to tease her brothers. She is in two gymnastics classes this year. I can't believe how flexible she is. She can effortlessly do the Chinese splits. Even in jeans!

Pretty much every day we fight over her hair. I love it like this, but very rarely style it this way. You can probably tell why. Makenna says it is much too "fluffy" this way. What can I say? I grew up in the 80's. When asked to tell about herself, Makenna says, "Don't put that picture of me on your blog Mom! I'm not going to say anything because you put that picture of me on your blog!" (Well, that worked out well! Can't wait for that girl to become a teenager!)

This is Matthew. He is 9 years old. He was born when we were living in Newport Beach, California. He constantly amazes me with his creativity. Two of his school teachers have compared him to Bill Gates because he is very intelligent, but definitely thinks outside the box.

He loves to play Spore on the computer and Sim City on the Wii. He also enjoys learning about the solar system. He spends a lot of time playing outside and loves to build things in the dirt.

I had a very disturbing experience with Matthew this week. He came up to me and asked, "Which is more like an eagle, a Klingon bird of prey or a Romulon War Bird?" Uh oh! Someone has been spending way too much time watching Star Trek with Dad!

Matthew says, "I like Daisy. Makenna and Jonathon are always being mean to me. I like to play outside, play the computer, and play Sim City on the Wii. My Aunt takes us on trips to the movies. My teacher is Mrs. Buchanan. I like to make paper airplanes."

Meet Jonathon! He will be seven in May. He is such a sweetie. He is very smart and really enjoys going to school. His reading has really improved this year. He enjoys playing outside, coloring, and playing lego Indiana Jones on the Wii.

I love Jonathon's smile! It always makes me smile. I love how he does his best at school and tries so hard to follow the rules.

Jonathon says, "I'm good at gymnastics. I'm good at karate. Jason is my friend. I like playing outside. Cody is my friend."

Here's the baby of the family, Kevin, being held by his big sister Makenna. He is also known as the "Chunky Monkey." Kevin is my only child at home now during the school day. He has a really cute personality and is fun to spend time with. For the last six months he has been obsessed with the Disney movie Cars and will watch it as often as I will allow. He loves to play with his little cars and act out the scenes with "Lightning the King,""Doc Husband," and "Chicken."

Kevin's other love is our dog Daisy. She is a puggle. Her dad was a pug and her mom was a beagle. Kevin is very attached to her. Unfortunately, neither Kevin nor Daisy have much need for personal space, especially when it comes to tongues and mouths. Disgusting!

Kevin says, "Daisy was licking me. I like to play with Daisy. I like Happy Feet. Daddy holds me. Grammy Pat hugs me. Nenna (Makenna) holds me too cuz I'm heavy."


  1. Cute Kids! I too, love that blogging makes me get my camera out more often. And... your dog IS a puggle! The lost one out her is definatly a boy though, and you don't seem to have lost yours anyway. Ha ha.
    I'm enjoying your blog!

  2. Your family is so cute! I was really impressed w/ Jonathan on Sunday. He did an awesome job w/ the scripture! Very cool! BTW I can't wait until Friday! I'm sure you'll do awesome.