Thursday, February 19, 2009

Memories: Makenna's Kindergarden Days (2004)

I have a confession to make! For the first 18 months of Makenna's life, I took lots and lots and lots of pictures. And I did lots and lots and lots of scrapbooking. Then everything changed! I had another baby-Matthew. Life got pretty crazy and I stopped scrapbooking completely. That was nine years ago. Even worse, I've hardly even taken any pictures. I know, it's terrible! I am appropriately ashamed. And I am resolving to do much, much better in the picture taking department. As for scrapbooking, I think I'm done with that-maybe forever. I just don't have the interest anymore. I'm going to just blog the pictures and memories from now on. Unfortunately, I'm pretty behind. So, I hope you'll forgive me for all the "Memory" posts that will be coming along. I don't expect my friends and followers to read and comment on them all. Of course, if you'd like to, that would be great. Just don't feel obligated.

As I still haven't learned how to scan photos, I'm going to start with ones I already have on my computer. I seem to have quite a few kindergarden pictures for Makenna, so I'll begin with those.

This picture was taken outside Makenna's kindergarden classroom at Newport Heights Elementary School in Newport Beach, CA. We lived there for 5 years while Jared was in graduate school. We moved to Utah the following summer, so Makenna was only there for kindergarden.

This is Makenna with one of her kindergarden teachers, Mrs. Kerri? Holland. What a great teacher! She managed to run a tight ship, while still being nice and sweet. She was also the prettiest and most stylish school teacher I've ever known.

This is Makenna's other teacher. I wish I could remember her name. She was actually a long-term sub. Makenna's regular teacher, Mrs. Mountain was removed from the classroom. Long story. Let's just say I wasn't sad to see her go. The substitute teacher, however, was great.

The fun corner of the classroom. Note Matthew in the red Hawaiian shirt.
Here is Makenna with a life size replica of herself. I love that little pink dress. Still have it , just in case...Makenna's class was raising these cute little chicks.

The next few photos are of us on the kindergarden playground.

Yes, I admit it. I LOVE to swing. Everytime we go to a park I just can't seem to resist!
The next few pictures were taken at an after school Hawaiian party.

Here is Jonathon at age two. Thank goodness he eventually outgrew the thumb sucking!

This is Matthew at 4 years old. I love this little red Hawaiian shirt. It has now made it all the way down the line to Kevin. Having three boys in a row does have its advantages when it comes to hand me downs.

What a little daddy's girl! Makenna's cute little Hawaiian dress is one of her school uniforms. Uniforms were not required, but were strongly encouraged. Unfortunately, I found out about the uniform policy after I had bought Makenna's school clothes for the year.

Here is Jared showing of his hula hoop skills.
Here is a picture of Makenna with a little red-haired boy in her class. Sadly, I can no longer remember his name.

Makenna's teacher, Mrs. Holland, told me that she heard them talking about getting married someday. Makenna always insisted that she did NOT have a crush on him-
but I had my doubts...


  1. I really like the last two pictures of Makenna and the little red-headed boy. The look she was giving him on the last picture completely indicates that some type of crush was there, no matter how much she insisted there was not anything there - haha... I really like her hair throughout the pictures.

  2. Great idea to do memory posts. I have permanantly ditched the scrapbooking as well. I have to say, with blogging, I have started taking more pictures than ever. I can't believe how little and cute Makenna is!