Friday, February 13, 2009


Makenna got braces today!

She is starting out with just the top ones.

I wore braces too!

8th Grade

9th Grade
I'll just sit back now and wait for all the comments to come in about how gorgeous I was as a teenager.


  1. Have tonz of fun w/ those braces Makenna. I wore mine for 6 years! Christina, I am definitely digging the 80's hair! Totally Rad! Actually, you and Makenna look a lot alike. Beautiful!

  2. She looks cute in braces! Your last line just made me laugh! Of course you were gorgeous, but it was the early ninety's, so what can we expect as far as the hair goes? haha. My pictures are pretty similar!

  3. Those are some excellent bangs! I would know, I had some pretty impressive ones in Jr. high too!