Wednesday, September 30, 2009

My Sleeping Sweeties

A couple of posts ago I mentioned that Jonathon had abandoned his bedroom and bed after taking a facebook quiz. For those of you who didn't catch that post, the quiz was entitled, "What scary creature haunts your room at night?" The answer: A Scary Doll. Since then he has been terrified to go in his room, so he and Kevin have been sharing a bed. I have to laugh at how they fight until they fall asleep and then snuggle the rest of the night.

Neither of them are wearing pajamas as you can probably tell. Some of you will probably be totally horrified and disturbed to learn that none of my boys EVER wear pajamas to bed. Shocking-I know!! They don't seem to want to, so why bother with extra laundry? Please don't report me to CPS!!!!

These last two make me smile. I think I love my kids most when they are asleep. Besides the fact that they aren't crying or whining or fighting (which are all huge bonuses!), they just look so sweet and innocent, almost like they did when they were babies.

Hopefully, Jonathon will eventually move back to his own bed, but until then I will continue to enjoy peeking in on these two at night.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Overton Update

Makenna started middle school this year. Yikes! Where has the time gone? I am seriously wishing that 6th grade was part of the elementary school, but I guess I have to let her grow up someday. Luckily for me, she still thinks boys are gross. Now if she can just maintain those feelings for another 10 or 15 years....

Makenna has adjusted well to middle school and seems to enjoy it despite the occasional challenge of getting her locker to finally open and making it to class in the measly 3 minutes provided by the school. She is playing the flute in band this year, taking dance lessons, and wants to join the school art club.

Matthew is in Mrs. Hall's fourth grade class this year. He seems to be enjoying it. After school he likes to play outside, make complicated paper airplanes, read nonfiction books, and play the wii. He is very creative and has an amazing imagination. He spent over a month this summer traveling with my parents and had a wonderful time. The highlight of his trip was seeing the turtles in Central Park when visiting his Uncle Michael and Aunt Catherine in New York City.

Jonathon is having a great time in Mrs. Bailey's second grade class. He especially loves math. Like Matthew, he enjoys playing the wii and running around outside. This summer we moved him into his own room. Unfortunately, soon afterwards Makenna helped him take a facebook quiz entitled, "What scary creature haunts your bedroom?" The answer: a scary doll. Now he is afraid to go in his room alone, even in the middle of the day. Thanks a lot Makenna! At night he squeezes into bed with Kevin who doesn't seem to mind. They look so cute together!

Kevin turned four in July. He is such a sweet, loveable guy. I love having him at home with me during the day. He smothers me with hugs and kissed and frequently tells me how much he loves me. I may need to go back to school soon, so I am really savoring the time we have together. His latest toy obsession are three little toy "Jedites."

I love these guys (and girl) so much! Sometimes I wish I could trap them at their current ages forever. They are such sweethearts. They mean everything to me!