Sunday, February 8, 2009


This is my daughter Makenna. I know I'm biased...but isn't she gorgeous?

As my only daughter, she's a bit spoiled: abercrombie clothes, the best bedroom set in the house, even her own bottle of mascara. A ten-year-old in mascara! What is the world coming to?!!

On a more serious note, I am so pleased with the choices Makenna is making. I know I can always count on her to do her best and to do the things she knows are right. She is also very kind hearted. For example, last year her teacher, Mrs. Kulp, periodically handed out "Kulp cash" for good grades and behavior. The money could be used to bid on cool prizes at an in-class auction. There were three auctions during the year, but Makenna saved all her money for the last one. As she left for school on the morning of the last auction she was bubbling over with excitement, but when she came home that afternoon she was absolutely devastated. Amidst tears, she related the events of the auction. Makenna bid on a few items but was outbid. Finally it came down to the last item. Both she and one of her best friends raised their hand to bid on the item. Makenna realized that she had more Kulp cash than her friend and could easily outbid her. But kindhearted Makenna lowered her hand and allowed her friend to win the item. She was absolutely devastated not to win a prize, but I was so impressed with the choice she had made.

I love this little girl so much! I hope I can always show her just how special she is to me!


  1. She is so great. Tell her to keep making those great clothes choices too. We love you Makenna!

  2. I loved having Makenna in my primary class! She was always willing to help. You do have yourself a good one! Keep up the good work, Makenna!

  3. Wow, that is a really awesome thing to do. And she is beautiful! And probably better dressed than me!

  4. I have been really excited to know Makenna the way I have learned about her. She definitely makes the house very interesting with her random songs, constant smile, and great laughter. Thank you for allowing me around your family and getting to know your children. I really enjoy being around Makenna, regardless of what we are actually doing.