Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Dance Anxiety!

I've been feeling very stressed and anxious this week! Why? Because I was foolish enough to volunteer to dance with my daughter and my friend, Summer in the ward variety show. What was I thinking??!!

It all started innocently enough when I volunteered Summer to dance with Makenna. Makenna was very excited about the idea. Summer...less so. I felt guilty about volunteering Summer so in a very weak and very stupid moment, I actually agreed to dance with them. Of course they both thought this was a wonderful idea. Then I dug myself even deeper by notifying my mother, the ward activities director, that we would be dancing. And now there is no way I am getting out of this. Yikes!!

So basically I'm going to be a 34-year-old woman doing a hip hop dance with an 18-year-old and a 10-year-old. Nice. I 'm worried that I am going to look totally silly and old ladyish. And the stress is mounting as the event approaches!! How in the world am I going to pull this off?


  1. That is hilarious! I think you'll do fine. But you need to video it so we can all enjoy your moves!

  2. You are a dancin" queen, young and sweet,only 17! You can dance, you can jive, havin' the time of your life.... That is so great. I can't wait to see ya!

  3. This post made me laugh pretty hard, you were there when I was reading the post. We really are stuck dancing this Friday, aren't we? The chances of getting out of dancing ceased to exist the moment you notified your mother of the "wonderful" idea... Haha, I am glad you are dancing though! That is what you get for volunteering me for dancing with Makenna in the first place! We are ALL going to look like dancing fools, but at least we are going to have fun doing just that, right? We need to stay away from people who might post the video on YouTube though, because that would be way too much public embarassment.

  4. I wish I could come down and dance with you all! We would rock the house!

  5. I would love to see a video, not to mock or make fun, but because I'm sure you'll be great! Think of all the jealous moms in the audience wishing they were as cool as you (I know I'd be one of them). Have fun shakin your tail feathers ;)