Friday, February 6, 2009

My New Jeans.

Yippee! I bought a new pair of jeans!. I love clothes and get way too excited about my clothing purchases. I somehow managed to pry myself away from 7 for all mankind jeans and venture out into the unexplored territory of Paige Premium Denim. I love these! The floral motiff on the back won me over.
I purchased this pair as well, but returned them for the sake of frugality. I hope to repurchase them in a couple of months or so if they are still around. They are the Scorpion jeans in amethyst by Rock & Republic. Didn't I look hot in them? O.K. So this picture is not really of me. I wish...


  1. wow--those jeans are cool! they look out of my price range though.

  2. One pair of designer jeans that fit well is worth the splurge.

    Christina, welcome to the world of blogging! More pics of the kids, please (I still think of Makenna as a three-year-old, so I have a lot of catching up to do!)...

  3. Sure it's not. You would look great in a pair of anything!