Friday, February 13, 2009

25 Things I Love About Jared

Happy Valentines Day Everyone! In honor of the occasion, I am posting 25 things I love about my husband Jared.

1. How he is the best husband in the world. This is not an opinion. Just a fact.

2. How he never criticizes me.

3. How he doesn't seem to ever get angry or be in a bad mood.

4. How he is a wonderful listener.

5. How his profession gives me access to my own personal clinical psychologist at my beck and call 24/7. (And believe me, I do take advantage of it. Wouldn't you?)

6. How he has blond hair.

7. How he is tan. He thinks this one is hilarious and says that I am the ONLY person in the world who would describe him as tan. But compared to me...

8. How he is absolutely and completely loyal. When I was on my mission, I encouraged him to date other people (What was I thinking?!!) and kind of blew him off. He asked a girl out several times and eventually decided he was going to put his arm around her. But when he went to do it, he became so nauseated that he couldn't. He later told me that he just couldn't put his arm around her when he was in love with me. Isn't that sweet?

9. How in high school he could run 3 miles in 14 minutes and 36 seconds. (Pretty impressive, eh?)

10. How he has never once complained when I have spent too much money on a frivolous purchase. (Not that I have EVER actually done that!)

11. How he will take lengthy phone calls from his patients at any time of the day or night and will never charge them for it.

12. How he has no interest in sports, camping, or hunting.

13. How he makes ramen noodles for the kids on Wednesday nights while I am at Young Womens.

14. How he gave up going to study abroad in Israel to marry me.

15. How he agreed to move to Overton even though he hates small towns and the desert.

16. How he can eat whatever he wants, never exercise, and never gain weight. Actually, this one is somewhat annoying. Make that very annoying. How did this one make the list anyways?!!

17. How he doesn't seem to be aging. Yah, I have mixed feelings about this one too.

18. How he loves Star Trek and even has his own uniform. Definitely gives me some great material for teasing him.

19. How he worked full time during graduate school so I could stay at home with the kids.

20. How he puts the kids to bed every night because I hate to do it.

21. How he fell head over heels in love with me right away.

22. How he still wears his hair the same way he did as a missionary despite my occasional encouragement (translation: nagging) for him to update his look.

23. How he will rub my back for hours while we watch movies.

24. How he thinks I am better than I really am.

25. How he wants to be with me for eternity.... (A definite sign of superb taste!)


  1. Wow, I would say you definitely have a winner there! He is a great match for you.