Sunday, October 17, 2010


I often feel frustrated with my brain, wishing it worked faster and better, especially at things like math and physics. But for today (and probably today only)......I am feeling very SMART!I just completed a course on The Psychology of Personality through BYU independent study. I was worried about my grade because the instructor expected a very in-depth knowledge of the subject matter. . I was also pretty stressed because I knew that if I applied to grad school, my course grade would be the only indicator of my current academic abilities. The pressure to do well was intense. I took my final on Wednesday and was concerned by how hard it was. However, I must have done better than I thought since I checked my grade a few minutes ago and discovered that I had scored an 96% on my final and a 97% overall. An A was anything above 84% so I am feeling really good about my grade. HOORAY!!!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

The Cutest Kids Ever

I've despaired of ever catching up with my blogging, so I'll just fill you in on some of the things my kids have been up to lately.

Makenna is enjoying seventh grade. She loves being on the middle school dance team, Lyon Locomotion. The picture above was taken after her first performance. She and the other 21 girls did an amazing job! Makenna is also having fun being in YW and had a fabulous time at Girl's Camp last summer. More than anything, I think she is excited about finally being tall enough to wear clothes from Aeropostle.

This picture was taken of Matthew at the school May Day dance back in the spring. He and the other fourth graders were doing a disco dance to the song Staying Alive. He is in Mrs. Hall's fifth grade class this year. He had her last year and is thrilled to be able to have her again this year. His favorite activity is roaming around the neighborhood on his bike with his dog Daisy at his heels. He spent over a month this summer traveling around the U.S. with my parents and had a great time. He went last year as well and is already begging to go again next year.

This picture is of Jonathon performing a Hawaiian dance at the school May Day Dance. Jonathon is in Mrs. Wimer's class this year. Mrs. Wimer and three of his classmates are in our ward at church, so that makes it a lot of fun for him. Jonathon was baptized last month. It was a very special day. Makenna and Matthew gave talks and Kevin led the singing. Jonathon is excited to be in scouts and is very gung ho about completing his requirements.

This is a picture of Kevin with our puggle (half pug/half beagle) Daisy. Kevin LOVES Daisy and our two cats, Alice and Zoe. He can't seem to spend enough time petting and playing with them. He started Mrs.William's morning kindergarden class this year. He seems to enjoy school, though his mom still misses him tremendously. He wants to eat cottage cheese for lunch everyday when he gets home, so I have to make sure the refrigerator is always well stocked.