Thursday, October 1, 2009

Another House

We viewed this house today and placed a bid on it. It is a super adorable house! I have really fallen in love with it!

The pool is one of the many things I love about it. The thing I don't like about it: the price. It would be a stretch for us. So I'm excited about the possibility of getting this house, but stressed that we might not be able to afford it. Jared seems certain though that we CAN afford it, so I hope he's right because it is a fabulous house. I can't believe that there is a possibility that we might actually be able to live there someday.


  1. It looks like a great house, especially the pool! I have always wanted to have an inground pool but never could quite afford it. Good luck! I hope you get it!

  2. I really hope you guys get this house and that the deal ends up less than asking price. It will be a dream come true. Can't wait to hear the next update!