Wednesday, September 30, 2009

My Sleeping Sweeties

A couple of posts ago I mentioned that Jonathon had abandoned his bedroom and bed after taking a facebook quiz. For those of you who didn't catch that post, the quiz was entitled, "What scary creature haunts your room at night?" The answer: A Scary Doll. Since then he has been terrified to go in his room, so he and Kevin have been sharing a bed. I have to laugh at how they fight until they fall asleep and then snuggle the rest of the night.

Neither of them are wearing pajamas as you can probably tell. Some of you will probably be totally horrified and disturbed to learn that none of my boys EVER wear pajamas to bed. Shocking-I know!! They don't seem to want to, so why bother with extra laundry? Please don't report me to CPS!!!!

These last two make me smile. I think I love my kids most when they are asleep. Besides the fact that they aren't crying or whining or fighting (which are all huge bonuses!), they just look so sweet and innocent, almost like they did when they were babies.

Hopefully, Jonathon will eventually move back to his own bed, but until then I will continue to enjoy peeking in on these two at night.


  1. I think I have told you this but I keep telling ours that we don't know why we bother with bedrooms they all want to sleep together anyway!

  2. Those pictures are so cute and adorable! I think that's the sweetest thing I've ever seen.

  3. I got choked up looking at these pics. I love this post. Have you ever heard the song Brotherly Love by Keith Whitley? If not look it up. It's one of my favorites. You have adorable little boys.

  4. My kids don't wear PJ's either. They used to, but it fell off of the list of things that were important, oh, a while ago. :) What cuties your little guys are!