Monday, October 12, 2009

Makenna's New Hairdo

Makenna has a new hairdo. I love it! Her hair looks so adorable short. Sorry about the hairs tweaking out. You can still get the basic idea.

Over the years Makenna and I have struggled to come to a consensus over her hair. Her hair is really fine and thin, so I prefer it short and curled. She wants it long and straight. I insist (for now) on her keeping it short enough to look healthy. But we do have a styling compromise: she styles it M-Sa; I fix it on Su. It seems to be working out okay, though both of us cringe on the day(s) we don't get to style it.

This is a day that I did it. How could I miss those hairs sticking out when we took the picture??? Oh well. If you see Makenna please tell her how great her hair looks. She could use some convincing.


  1. Very cute new hairdo! She is growing up so beautifully.

  2. Cute hair cut! I totally relate on the fine, thin hair problem. I think I got ripped off when it comes to hair. But Makenna looks really good, so lucky her.