Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Human Alarm Clock

Are your mornings like mine? Is it a battle to get everyone out of bed in the mornings? I pretty much have to pry my boys out of bed every day, coming into their rooms over and over again with the wake up call. They seem to be pretty good at totally ignoring me. I've tried to get them to wake up with a traditional alarm clock, but they seem even better at ignoring it than they are at ignoring me, the human alarm clock. I'm often pretty annoyed by the time they finally straggle out of bed.

My experience with Makenna is even worse. Her bus leaves at six thirty, so the day starts pretty early. It's been a tough adjustment. Here's an example of a typical morning:

5:30 a.m.
The Human Alarm Clock: "It's time to get up! You really need to hurry!" You can hear a slight touch of irritation in her voice. It really isn't fair for one member of the family to have to get up earlier than everyone else. Wouldn't you agree?

Sleepy Girl: "O.K. I will, I will in ......just a minute." With these words she snuggles down even deeper into bed.

5:37 a.m.
The Human Alarm Clock: "You need to hurry and get up! You've already slept seven minutes longer than you should have!" You can definitely hear the irritation at this point.

Sleepy Girl: "I know, I know I will. I'm just really tired." She still shows no intention of getting up.

The Human Alarm Clock: "It's getting really, really late. I'm tired of you sleeping in so late every morning!" The annoyance is mounting by this time.

Sleepy Girl: "I'm sorry, I will, I promise....soon....." Feeling guilty, by now, but not quite guilty enough to get out of bed.

5:45 a.m.
The Human Alarm Clock: "Hurry and get up! I'm really mad at you!"

Sleepy Girl: "Sorry Makenna. I'm getting up right now."

See what I mean? Would you want to be practically dragged out of bed each morning by a cranky tween?