Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Struggles of Motherhood

"You will either marry or give birth to your greatest challenge in life."

That's what our high council speaker said on Sunday. Ain't it the truth?!!

I have wonderful children! But like most parents I spend quite a bit of time thinking and worrying about them. It's scary being a parent sometimes, particularly a mother. You've probably heard the joke amongst Psychologists, "So tell me about your mother?" The meaning behind it is obvious. No one impacts or influences a child as much as his or her mother. No pressure!

One of my children has been really struggling lately. As a mother, it's so hard to watch this. My child has experienced some very serious disappointments. And looking back I can see that I could have prevented the situations. I'm doing everything I can to help now, but some things are just beyond my control. I wish I could just jump in and make everything all better. But I can't! And that's really hard!

I'm doing my best to help the child learn from the experience. There are certainly some lessons to be gained. And hopefully I can help my child learn them and to grow stronger because of the trials of life.

Any advice from you parents and friends out there?


  1. One of the hardest things is to watch your child be in pain, or suffer (mental, physical, or emotional) Don't beat yourself up thinking you could have prevented the situation. Mom's just do the best we can. We aren't perfect!

  2. Not only do children grow from these experiences, but so do we as parents, and what we learn is not always just what we did wrong or right, sometimes it is just FAITH or PATIENCE or usually some of both. I bet your a GREAT mom!!!!

  3. I think when that High Councilman spoke I was the one that was married and gave birth to the greatest challenge....What can I do to help? Feel like going for a midnight run to Walmart on Friday night? Call me...

  4. I love the quote from your high councilman. I'm so sorry your struggling to help one of your children. There is nothing harder than the question of if your doing the right thing. Good luck. Oh, and I need your address. Will you email it to me? My email is in my profile. Thanks!!