Friday, April 17, 2009

Newport Beach

Last weekend we skipped the local Clark County Fair and spent the weekend visiting Jared's family in Newport Beach. We lived in Newport Beach for five years while Jared was in grad school, so it still feels like home. We left Friday morning and returned Sunday night. On Saturday morning Jared's mom took the boys to the dog beach while Jared, Makenna, and I walked around Balboa Island.

When I'm sweltering in the 115 degree summers in Southern Nevada I dream about having a summer home on Balboa Island. Now if I can just scrape together 4 or 5 million dollars...

Easter decorating gone wrong. Is it just me or do these bunnies look like they could use some prozac?


  1. No wonder I didn't see you there. We're going to Newport beach and Disneyland next weekend! Cool houses. What's the dog beach?

  2. So jealous! It looks like a lot of fun and beautiful also.