Monday, April 11, 2011

Overton Update

Just wanted to fill everyone in on what the Overton children have been up to lately.Kevin is a sweet, good-natured little boy, who is almost always pleasant to be around. He has really enjoyed his year in Mrs. Williams' morning kindergarden class. When he is home, he enjoys playing games on the Playstation, watching "Phineas and Ferb", drawing pictures, and playing with his best friend, Dominic Cortez. Unfortunately, Kevin's new glasses have been missing for almost a week, but we're hoping they will turn up soon. Kevin has been anxiously awaiting "The Bunny Day" and all the candy that comes with it.
Jonathon is having a fabulous year in third grade and takes great pride in the fact that he is leading the class in Math facts. He is thrilled to able to have the same teacher, Mrs. Wimer, for both school and church. Jonathon loves playing the playstation, throwing around a football with mom or dad, and participating in cubscouts. He is very responsible and never needs to be reminded to do his homework. He is a big help around the house and is in charge of keeping the living room clean.
Matthew has had another great year in Mrs. Hall's class and is looking forward to moving on to middle school next year, where he hopes to start play either percussion or the trombone. Matthew recently spent a weekend at Astromcamp where he had a fabulous time learning about the solar system, swimming, and making lots of new friends. Matthew enjoys riding his bike, going for long walks with mom, and making ham and swiss cheese sandwhiches. He is having a hard time being separated from his dog Daisy, who is currently staying with my parents.
Makenna just finished off a busy year on the Lyon Locomotion Dance Team. Last month they participated in a dance competition and performed at the annual the Dance Review. She has done a wonderful job on the dance team and has improved so much this past year.

Makenna recently completed a quarter of Home Ec at school. For the final project she was required to cook a full meal for the family. She served Frito Casserolle, rice, mandarin oranges, and chocolate chip cookies. Everything was delicious!

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  1. Cute kids! Looks like everyone is doing well! I can't believe how much your boys remind me of your brothers, especially Matthew. Wish I could have seen Makenna dance, I bet she is great!