Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Question, Comments, and Coversations

Here are a few of the questions, comments, and conversations we've had over the past few days in our home.

*Makenna: It's not fair!!! I tried to make my eyelashes look small today, but they still look big.'s hard.

*Matthew (After mentioning how much he preferred playing to going to school): I wish there was a hat to make you smart.

Mom: Maybe you should invent one.

Matthew: I don't think I can. I'm not intelligent enough to tamper with the human brain.
-That's probably a good thing. I'm envisioning him attempting some pretty gruesome experiments.

*Jonathon: Don't you think FDR should be on Mt. Rushmore?

Mom: Well, I think Mount Rushmore was made before FDR became president.

Jonathon: They should have put him on later.
-Hmmm....which president should we take off to make room for FDR?

*Kevin: Mom, are we hobos?
-Maybe we've overstressed the importance frugal living.


  1. Those are pretty funny! I especially like Matthew's well spoken words about the human brain.

  2. Haha! Cute quotes. Love those kids! They're all so smart.

  3. Your kids come up with some good ones! They sound very smart like their Mom. You'll be so glad that you blogged about their funnies. Someday they can read them and they will love it.